Medicare Optimization

UI/UX Design

How might we improve the overall experience on KP’s Medicare site?

There are many answers to this question: update the site to look more modern, make the site responsive, and consider content strategy to tailor the site to have easily digestible content as well as simple navigation. These answers will be addressed once the site moves over to the content management system. But in the mean time, the business goal was to update the look and feel of the site to be consistent with the brand and

With the reskin of the Medicare site, we identified the different page types that needed to be updated: the homepage, landing page, pages with tabbed content, and pages with a graph/chart. We also had to keep in mind of the technical restrictions that the site has since it’s not on the CMS system yet. Therefore, some design elements within our style guide were not be easily transferable. We worked closely with the development team in getting the reskin done in order to make the accelerated release.

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