Pre-effective Member Welcome

UI/UX Design

How might we provide a welcoming experience to individuals who have signed-up for Kaiser Permanente but whose membership hasn’t started yet?

The idea of the Pre-effective Member Welcome experience was to give these members a condensed version of’s New Member Welcome. Though the project sounds straight-forward and simple, we discovered that this gray-area was more complex as the site only has two experiences: authorized members and unauthorized non-members. This experience needed to be tailored to unauthorized members, which meant that simple elements within our style guide, such as the header, would need to be optimized for such users.

The design lead and I collaborated with many different teams in order for this project to go into development. We partnered with product, aligned with other UX teams whose projects we were dependent on, and recognized technical limitations and capabilities. We also collaborated with user-research to understand users' pain-points and UX writing and the marketing and content team to have a balance of task-oriented instruction as well as marketing copy.

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